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Want to expand your skills as a photographer, grow as an artist and stay on top of the cutting edge of photography? This is your chance to become skilled at Hybrid Photography – the next big thing in the image making world. Hybrid Photography is the artful blend of still + motion & sound for display in multimedia formats such as smart devices (tablets & phones), digital billboards and online.

Hybrid Motion Portraits, San Francisco
Hybrid Motion Portraits, San Francisco
Photo – Frederick Van Johnson


giulio sciorio at glazer's camera
Giulio explains the importance of a connected camera.
Photo Bill Beebe

Learn from hybrid photography pioneer Giulio Sciorio, who has been blending still + motion & sound since 2009. Giulio will be your guide into this new frontier of digital imaging explaining each step in detail.

We welcome photographers of all ages and skill levels and it does not matter if you’re a DSLR shooter or iPhoneographer. Every class will have the latest is hybrid cameras from Lumix on hand for you to use during the workshops if you choose.

Get up to speed on the latest hybrid accessories such as LED lighting, tablets, digital audio recorders, social media and cloud computing.

The future of photography is exciting!

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Learn more about Giulio Sciorio

The Hybrid Equation = Still + (Motion & Sound)

Media : still + (motion & sound)

Seminar : excellent as intro to Hybrid Photography

Time : Two hours

Summary : The worlds of still + motion & sound have come together in Hybrid Photography. Tablets and smartphones are fully capable of displaying multimedia content, but are you and your camera ready to take advantage of the opportunity of screens?

Full details and examples here

Animated Portrait Photography

Media : still + (motion & sound)

Type : hands on, includes The Hybrid Equation

Time : quarter, half or full day

Summary : In this seminar/workshop led by Lumix Luminary Giulio Sciorio, you’ll learn how to transform ordinary portraits into a living photographs.

Full details and examples here

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